Its been a Blessed & Bittersweet few months.

Its been a Blessed & Bittersweet few months.

Choice Goods Gallery had a great show in March, Featuring Omar González, @OGprints on Instagram. We featured his graduate work, of woodblock prints and an installation piece for the month of March during CAM-SA. His work is not only astounding, but he is a great guy and someone you would love to meet. We were honored to be able to show his incredible work and talent at our gallery. Be sure to check out his work online


Also in March, we had our Skate Deck Show which featured 84 artists and over 110+ works of art on decks. We broke the Texas record (we didn't even know there was a record) of most artist/decks in a show. There were some awesome decks in this show and we still have some on display at the store. Come by and see them. If you missed the show, we will be doing another one next year. 


Choice Goods Gallery BELIEVE210



We lost a good friend and a pillar of the community this month, Tito Bradshaw of Bottom Bracket. Tito did a lot for our biking community and he was an incredible  father and friend as well. Our local street artists BELIEVE210 and RELEK raised and donated almost $900 from their opening show to Tito's fundraiser for his son's future. It was incredible to see the local bike, artists, friends and community come together not only to raise money for his son/family but to raise awareness around biking and safety these past few weeks. He will be missed, but his memory will live on in our wonderful city and with his friends and family who loved him dearly.

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